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Why Misunderstandings Are Common

Because there is a large drop off between the sender’s and the receivers, misunderstandings can occur. The message goes through many processes, and the original meaning is lost. Keep in mind how communication and collaboration work to ensure there is no miscommunication. Let’s say that a client wants to tell the designer what type of website they want. The message is written by the client first. However, the message loses a lot of its original meaning during this writing process. Perhaps you don’t understand context or have a different interpretation of terms common to you, or you aren’t so good at writing. Professional writers have trouble communicating clearly and concisely. The medium (email or task comment), also reduces the message’s clarity by restricting what can be said and how. The noise around the medium can also reduce the quality of the message: reading an email in a noisy workplace with thousands of unread emails is not the same as reading it on paper. Finally, decoding occurs when someone interprets what you wrote and distorts your original message. The designer must decode your message using their field of expertise when they read it. You may ask for a prototype, and the designer may be able to understand comp. However, he will spend a lot time creating PSDs that are perfect pixels, when you only wanted a more detailed wireframe. The good news is that the more you work together, and the more your areas of expertise overlap, the less room for misunderstanding. The designer will get a different message from the client than the one they had in their heads. When communicating, consider how you communicate.
The medium and environment
and the other person’s area of experience.
There are four basic communication patterns available: circle, chain and Y. The network pattern is the most efficient, and it can only be used if there is an online nexus. The network pattern allows everyone to communicate directly with each other so there is less room for message distortion. This is most common when someone cannot proceed without approval from their manager so they hand off the problem to them. For example, a developer might come up to you and say hello! It’s great to meet you. We have a problem with… You might wonder why that is. But let’s look at what actually happened. Before you met, the developer had a monkey riding on his back. Once you parted ways, the monkey was on your side and the developer was free. You were left with the problem and you neglected your own. Even worse, sometimes people are forced to hand over their monkeys to managers for bureaucratic reasons. Managers become more encumbered as they take on more responsibilities. This can lead to them having so many problems that they don’t have the time or the energy to complete their jobs. Managers will be occupied with a lot of tasks while others complain about how they can’t decide what to do. The solution to the monkey problem lies in establishing clear boundaries and refusing to accept ownership. While helping, you should never allow someone’s problem to become your problem. This means that if someone asks to consult, they should leave with the solution. You can make yourself more work by taking the pen. People know that you can be taken advantage of.