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What’s new in AWS: AWS CloudFormation Updates, Launch Wizard and More

AWS Cloud is continually adding new features and capabilities that will help users make the most out of their cloud deployments and innovate quickly. Let’s take a look at each one.
AWS CloudFormation
AWS CloudFormation offers a template that treats infrastructure like code and allows users to create, delete, or update the entire stack as one unit. This is a far better way to manage resources individually than to make changes to each one individually. These stacks can be managed across multiple AWS regions and AWS accounts.
AWS CloudFormation Benefits
Automating Best Practices

CloudFormation allows users to applyGitOpsand DevOps best practice to their AWS cloud infrastructures. It allows you to audit modifications and automate resource deployments.
Region-specific infrastructure scaling

CloudFormation templates allow users to scale resources across all AWS accounts and regions while still adhering to all compliance, safety and configuration standards. Predefined parameters and templates make scaling easier and allow users to share company policies and best practice across deployments.
Integration with other AWS Services

CloudFormation can be easilyintegratedwith other AWS services,such asAWS Config for compliance,AWSIAM (Identity and Access Management)for access control, and AWS ServiceCatalog for application distribution and governance.Users can also integrate it withCodePipelinetoexecuteDevOpsbest practices andenhanceautomationandtesting.
Resource management is easier and faster

CloudFormation stacks allow users to create, modify and delete stack sets across multiple AWS accounts and regions with just one click. It allows for easy modeling, provisioning and management of third party resources alongside AWS resources.
AWS Launch Wizard
AWS Launch Wizard guides users through the process of configuring, configuring, and deploying AWS resources for third party applications like SAP HANA or Microsoft SQL Server. Users don’t have to manually identify and provideAWS resources. Users simply need to enter their application requirements. This includes connectivity, performance, and number of nodes. The AWS Launch Wizard quickly identifies the best AWS resources to deploy and run your application. This includes EBS volumes and EC2 instance instances. The Launch Wizard estimates the cost of this deployment, allows users to modify resources, and instantly provides an updated cost estimate. After approval, the Wizard automatically deploys the resources and provisions them to create a functional, production-ready application.
Benefits of AWS Launch Wizard
Simplifiedapplication deployment

AWS Launch Wizardoffers its users the ease and convenience ofdeployingthird-party applications on AWS.Users can simply specify their application requirements, according to which theLaunch Wizard recommendsand deploysthebestAWS resources,for theapplication. This greatly reduces the time it takes to deploykey applications.
Automated resource selection and cost estimation

AWS Launch Wizard, whilerecommendingthe rightAWS resourcesfor a user’s specificapplication requirements, alsoprovidesa cost estimateof using those resources.Users get the freedom ofmodifyingtheAWSresourcestoget an updated costestimate according to the selected recommendations.
Repeatable code templates save time and effort

AWS Launch Wizard offers its usersreusablecode templatesforAWSCloudFormation. Thesepre-loadedtemplates serve as afoundationforthe user’sfutureapplication deployments.Users can save a lot of time, manpower, and effort byusing the code templates toconfiguretheirapplications programmatically,rather thancreating themfrom scratch everytime a new applicationis deployed.
Use and leverage the best practices of AWS

The AWS Launch Wizard deploys resources that have a solid foundation on the AWSarchitecture,framework,and best practices. TheAWS Launch Wizard ensures that the applications that users deploy follow theAWS best practices. Not only that, but they are alsowelloptimized for security,performance,reliability,efficiency, and cost-saving.
What’s new in AWS Launch Wizard
AWS continues to add new features and updates the Launch Wizard regularly to help users simplify their application deployments, reduce time and improve performance. Let’s take a look at the most important and recent updates to the AWS Launch Wizard.
Additional deployment capabilities are available to meet organizational and DevOps needs.

AWS Launch Wizard makes it much easier to deploy SAP applications. CloudFo