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What is the difference between Task Management Software and Project Management Software?

When are you working on projects and when are your tasks?
The simple answer is that projects have a clear beginning and an end date. Typically, milestones are set between the beginning of the project and its completion. The end date is when the service or product is complete.
Tasks, however, are single units or work units. Wrike further defines a task as “an action to complete in a project, or a single step within a multi-step process.” A task must be completed by a given deadline and contribute to work-related goals. As project management is the coordination and coordination of individual tasks, a task may be further broken down into subtasks. These subtasks should have clear start/end dates.

We’ve broken down each type of software to help you decide if you need task management or project management software. To help you choose the right one for your needs, read on to learn about the pros and cons of each software type.
High-level differences between task and project management software
Software that manages tasks is designed to solve specific problems. The software should allow you to name and categorize tasks, and allow you to modify task start and end dates. There are many free options available for task management software that can be used to save money.
Project management software is much more comprehensive. It often has task management capabilities, as well as estimated and actual team member effort, resource administration, and dependencies. People who only need a checklist (or task management software) can find project management software overwhelming.
PM software is more powerful than task management software.
It’s much easier to set up task management software than project management software. It’s also much faster because it only handles small tasks.
Project management software can be used to plan and execute a detailed strategic project plan. PM software can assign multiple tasks to different team members, sometimes simultaneously. This facilitates faster and more coordinated planning for more difficult tasks and projects.
What about task interdependence
Task management software excels at managing specific tasks or parts of a project.
Software is most useful when one task’s end does not directly affect the next.
Software for project management, on the contrary, tends to be more focused on task interdependencies. Project activities are tied to specific tasks but do not end abruptly with the completion of a task. There is often overflow between tasks, as well as team feedback and communication.
Gantt charts?
Gantt charts don’t usually work with task software. Most task management software that offers Gantt chart support doubles as project software (e.g. Smartsheet or TeamGantt).
Gantt charts show the different activities involved in a project. They include the start and completion, job status, progression or job status, and interdependencies. These bar charts are created using project management software and give a visual representation for a project’s timeline.
What if my project seems small?
Software that works best depends on the scope of the project.
Task management software is best for small projects with fewer than five tasks. Project management software is recommended for larger projects or those with many task interdependencies.
Project management software is used often in the construction industry. This trade-specific software is called “construction software”. These high-profile projects often require extensive IT support.