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What is Six Sigma Measure Phase Operational Definition?

Six Sigma Green Belts who have completed a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training have a solid understanding of the concept of “Operational Definition” during the measure phase. This is how Six Sigma can help projects using the Six Sigma approach. Let’s first define “Operational Definition.” This is a description of what must be observed and measured so that different people can collect, use, and interpret data consistently. It is a protocol that is used in the MEASURE phase DMAIC process, as discussed in Lean training courses. It is an operational definition, which is a concise, clear, and detailed description of a measure. It is therefore important for the measure phase. It helps to determine the properties that will be measured and how they will measure during the measurement phase.
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Phase 1: Defining the Operational Definition of Measure
An operational definition in Six Sigma Measure Phase is a precise definition for the “Y” that needs to be measured. The “Y” can be either “Small Y”, or “Big Y”. It is used to describe a standard criterion against which to measure. Operational definitions for the measure phase may also include text descriptions, photos, models, or samples. Deming, our Quality Guru, said it best:
“An operational definition means that people can do business …. It must be communicable with the same meaning to buyer and vendor, same meaning yesterday …”
Why establish a baseline?
The measure phase’s operational definitions are used to establish baseline performance. The definition provides a single, agreed-upon meaning for each “Y”. This ensures reliability and consistency. When collecting all types data in the measurement phase, you will need operational definitions. This is especially important when you need to decide if something is defective or not, if a defect exists, etc.
How can you tell if a courier package was delivered on time? Without a defined definition of “On Time”, data collection will not be meaningful. Before data collection in the measure phase begins, it is important to develop and test operational definitions.
Measure Phase: Operational Definitions Worksheet
It is crucial that everyone involved in data collection has the same understanding of the data and uses the same data collection methods. In order to collect data, an Operational Definitions Worksheet should be completed in the measure phase. It is essential to determine how the data will be collected before data can be collected. A lack of a defined data collection method will result in inconsistent results and erroneous results. It is easy to assume those who collect the data during the measurement phase know what to do and how to accomplish it. People have different opinions and perspectives, which can impact the data collection. A detailed operational definition eliminates any ambiguity and is the only way to ensure consistent data collection.
There is no one right way to document an operational description. Operational definitions are used to document what people in a group or team agree to use for a particular purpose. This concept is easy to grasp for those who work in organizational change.
Measure Phase: Elements Of Operational Definition Worksheet
An operational definition worksheet is a document that records operational definitions. It can be used as a repository or document to record operational definitions prior to data collection activities in the measure phase. We already know what an operational description of the measure phase is. Let’s now discuss the elements of an operational definition worksheet. Please refer to the fig