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What is it like to be a project manager? (true story).

It is possible that you are not clear on the role of Project Managers.
Your title could signify authority and leadership
It is not easy.
This article will discuss the three stages of project management.
1. What’s it like to be a junior manager of a project?
If you have the right attitude, you can help your team get through this period. Only then can you feel like a leader.
It doesn’t really matter if your role is that of an assistant to a manager. Sorry.
It is the most romantic moment in a career.
You will feel overwhelmed by how much work you have to do and all the responsibility that comes along with it.
It is a satisfying feeling when you can get through the chaos and get things done.
It’s also never boring because you’ll be doing something new almost every day. It can last up to one year in some cases.
You won’t have a solid grasp of project management. You will need to do more actual project work.
It will feel like you are contributing. You will feel like you are all part of the same boat with the project team. They are there to help.
You will also lack mature soft abilities. You’ll be able do it quickly and easily if you follow your instincts and talents.
This will allow you to build strong friendships with your team members.
These relationships will be lost when you become a project manager.
These are the positive aspects.
There are also some negative aspects.
You will be considered a weak authority. It will be thrown at your face. Others will try to take advantage of you vulnerability.
This is unlikely to happen to many people. To ruin the enjoyment of work, you only need one person.
It is difficult to establish authority without achievements. It is difficult to have solid knowledge. It is difficult not to feel confident in your abilities.
You will always be in doubt as a Junior Manager and Leader.
It will work.
Can you lead these people?
Can I take responsibility for the success and careers my team members?
Be cautious if you don’t feel this way. Overconfidence can cause project failure.
These are great ways to boost self-confidence.
You will feel like fighting back and proving yourself worthy.
Your accomplishments speak louder than any of your achievements. Don’t waste your time with people who lower your value.
And, yes!
You will work long hours.
But worse:
You will also require others to work overtime.
2. What does it take to be a mid-level manager of projects?
You must create your own leadership style. You cannot copy others.
Your project will get more complicated.
They will have an impact. You will be able to manage multiple projects.
This is when you meet new people and you know what to do.
This is when you start a new project and are aware of the pitfalls you need to avoid.
Good news!
You will feel confident in the outcome.
It might not be perfect. You believe that your efforts will increase the chances of success.
A vision is a sign that you are confident.
Vision of how to lead people, manage projects.
It might not be right for everyone.
As a result, you will dislike other managers.
It’s like you are doing something meaningful during this time. It will increase your self-esteem.
The more projects you complete, the more people you will meet. Therefore, you will have fewer relationships.
Cognitive limitations can affect you.
Most people can remember and distinguish between 40-60 persons.
Then, you can group people into batches.
“Don’t treat people as resources.”
It all starts at this stage.
You will also become friends with Project Managers.
This takes a lot of hardwork. You may burn out quickly.
You will need to spend very little time to learn new skills.
It’s tempting to want to stay there forever. Each year brings you closer towards your goal.