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What does a PM do every single day?

I was gifted a brand-new wheelie suitcase as a gift. It’s perfect, as I travel a lot. On the way to the UK, I was seated next to a man wearing a leather jacket. He clearly wasn’t taking advantage of the latest Eurostar campaign. We were already halfway through the tunnel before I realized he was going to Camden for Tim’s band. The sound system was horrible the last time they went. He also gave me a rundown about his favorite music for around an hour. Modern technology is amazing. When he spoke to us, I felt like we were old friends. No, I jest.
A canful of beer had loosen his tongue, and he was sufficiently bored by his music to attempt to strike up conversation. I don’t speak to strangers on trains. It’s my time. I read, sleep, plan articles, create novel plots in my head, text my friends, and do all the thinking that I haven’t had the time for. My mother was a great teacher. Needless to mention, I didn’t like the interruption to Marie France reading. After a few questions, he asked me what I did.
“I’m a project manager,” I replied. Silence. “That was the end of the conversation.”
Tim’s friend apologised for the ten seconds of total blankness. He explained, “It’s simply because I don’t know what a project manager does.”
I tried to explain it: plan things, organize people to do them, and monitor how it all goes. My job became less meaningful the more I tried to explain, especially after he realized I had no staff and had to persuade others to do what I wanted. He was a techie and told me that he was happy his users fear him. He seems to prefer shouting to be his management tool.
Tim called me at this moment to save me from more confusing explanations. He wanted to arrange a meeting place. Tim’s friend Tim and I had a great conversation that lasted until we reached Ashford. I was able to explain to Tim why shouting doesn’t work for him when I got off the bus. Or any other successful PM.
As I carried my new suitcase around the station I wondered why it was so hard to explain what we do. PMFORUM has an excellent article on the topic, but it doesn’t give a 30-second elevator speech. I don’t agree with the idea that part our job is to talk people up’. This is not acceptable in British English. HRA Consulting also addresses the issue in their article “So, you want to be a project manager?” Because they sell project management training, they have a vested right to make it glamorous. Mike Harding’s assertion holds true.
Why would anyone want a job that is easy? Everyone assumes success.
I am still looking for the perfect answer. I’m still searching for the perfect answer. An answer that Tim and millions of others can understand. I’m trying find a phrase that I can use in every situation and for everyone that clearly explains why project mangers are so important for organisations and businesses. Any suggestions?