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What can we do to help women in IT project management?

Project Eye, a blog run by the BCS, posted last Wednesday about the low number women who are interested in STEM careers. This field still requires program management. If women choose project management as a career, why not choose STEM areas?
Dr Brendan D’Cruz from Newport Business School has teamed me up to explore this further. We would like to do rigorous academic research on the perspectives and opinions of readers on a range of issues. This will allow us to hear both men and women’s perspectives. We want to hear your thoughts about how individuals, employers, and universities can support women in IT project management and other areas. Because IT is what we are most familiar with, our focus is on IT.
Brendan and I will use the comments below as well as the Project Eye blog comments in order to decide which themes we should research.
This is what we are thinking about right now.
What is it that makes IT project management attractive to women?
Companies should offer extra support, such as mentoring programs or women’s networks. Do these programs have any proven effectiveness? Or are they discriminatory against those who don’t participate?
Is there still a glass roof? What can be done to remove it?

You may have seen my articles on women managing small, low-cost projects and how women’s wages are not the same as men. You should have a good understanding of my views about equality at work. This investigation is about the practical steps needed to make a difference. We are open to your suggestions. Thanks.
This article was published for the first time in 2011.