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Top Oracle DBA Interview Questions & Answers 2022

Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA), is a high-ranking position in a managerial capacity that is responsible for supervising the operation-critical databases of an organisation. This job is highly paid due to the required skills, knowledge, and competencies. It also offers a clear career path. Oracle Certification is essential for the IT revolution. Aspirants will find it a stepping stone to provide a platform and equip them the basic skills required to support Oracle products.
Best Oracle DBA Interview Q&A
The interview is just like the Oracle Certification for Oracle DBA. A proactive approach will help you get the same clear and confident as the Oracle Certification. Below are some very basic and obvious questions that require answers.
1. Define Oracle and Oracle Database?
A.Oracle can be described as an organisation. There is also a database server with the same name. This database server organizes your data and allows you to retrieve and store data in a multiuser environment. This means that multiple users can perform the same function of retrieving and storing data. The software that manages the database and any physical data is collectively known as the Oracle database.
2. What are your responsibilities as a DBA?
A. The role of a DBA is to manage, store, users, security, performance and automate jobs.
3. State various Oracle database objects?
A. Below are the Oracle Database Objects – Tables and Views, Indexes Synonyms, Sequences and Table Spaces.
4. Describe Oracle index
A.It is an alternative structure that auxiliary with a tableau to have a direct access to rows, to improve the performance of data retrieval.
5. What are your responsibilities as an Oracle DBA?
The tasks include: installing, developing Oracle databases, upgrading to higher levels, keeping a close eye on the database’s health and taking proactive steps to improve performance. Schema objects can be managed, and backup and recovery can be performed.
6. Describe the differences between grid and cluster?
A.A grouping of computers that are arranged together to perform the same function is called a Cluster. A Grid can contain many clusters and can be used to set resources. You can have a cluster of servers that run a database and another set of servers that runs the application server software. They can both exist in a Grid and you can move the resources between them.
7. How to install Oracle on Linux?
A.Setup disks, kernel parameters, create user group and DBA group, and run the installer to start the installation process.
8. What is the difference between PMON and SMON processes?
A.SMON – It is a mandatory process in DB. It must start automatically and perform recovery following fai.