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Top Microsoft Technology Trends 2022

The only constant in today’s business environment is the evolution of technology. 2022 marks a new decade, a new wave and new trends. As the digital transformation wave continues to grow, cloud computing, IoT and cyber security are becoming more common.
Forbes estimates that more than half of global IT spending will shift to cloud-based computing by 2018. Microsoft and other tech giants continue to update their technologies and offerings to keep up with the changing trends. Microsoft offers a variety of certification courses to help professionals learn these new technologies. These certifications can help you build a career in the IT industry.
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What technologies should you be looking into as an IT professional? These are the Top 5 Microsoft Technology Trends and Platforms that you should be exploring more this year.
1. .Net 5
The transition from the old.NET Framework to the.NET Core is one of the most difficult challenges for developers working with.NET code. You will have the chance to see the future code by the end of the year. The current.NET Core 3.1 version is a long-term support release with cross-platform accessibility. You can port your code to.NET 3.1 and create a new toolchain. You can combine the best parts of Core, Xamarin Framework, Mono, and publish to Microsoft Azure app services.
2. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI)
Aartificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been the leaders in cloud computing implementation over the past two years. Their ability to rapidly grow is expected to continue in the years ahead.
Productivity increases
Respect the timeline
Reduce resource restraints
Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud computing platform. It holds 76% market share, along with AWS and Google Cloud. Microsoft appears to be preparing an end-to-end platform that will allow machine learning services to be delivered through its cloud.
You should consider obtaining a certification in Microsoft Azure if you want to expand your knowledge and skills in this field. This technology is rapidly expanding its offerings beyond cloud storage.
3. The Internet of Things (IoT).
The Internet of Things continues its rise in prominence as the world moves towards greater connectivity. The IoT is a key reason for the rapid growth of cloud computing. Cloud computing and security are growing at an inverse rate to users switching to mobile devices.
Azure Sphere, Microsoft’s secure IoT platform works to make sure your data and cloud are completely secure and cannot be accessed or accessed by any third parties. Azure Sphere is available