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Top Entry-Level Jobs in Cyber Security

Nearly everyone understands what cybersecurity means today. It is easy to understand and includes protocols and professionals who help protect data and systems from online threats. If you are interested in a career as a cybersecurity professional and want to see the potential opportunities, you can look at common entry-level jobs in cyber security.
According to (ISC), cybersecurity job roles take 20% longer to fill due to a shortage of skilled professionals. These roles pay approximately 16% more than other IT jobs, according to Burning Glass Technologies data.
What is Cybersecurity?
Cybersecurity can be described as a broad term that encompasses all technologies, processes, people, and people who work together to develop plans to protect business networks against digital attacks. There are many responsibilities that a cybersecurity professional must fulfill, including:
– Installing and managing advanced security programs.
– Finding vulnerabilities in enterprise systems
– Creating protocols to protect consumers’, vendors’, and companies’ data from malicious third parties.
An enterprise’s cybersecurity team is a group that works tirelessly to improve security around proprietary apps and computer systems against digital threats. It provides protection for sensitive data, networks, systems, and other information. These security measures are effective in preventing hackers from accessing, damaging or changing system data as they become more sophisticated.
As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, cybersecurity professionals are becoming more important. Cyberattacks are increasing as digitization increases. If a hacker reveals or steals corporate data, customer data, or financial information, it can cause huge financial losses to a company. According to Risk-Based Security’s Year-End Data Breach QuickView Report, there have been approximately 15.1 billion data breaches since 2019. The rapid growth of cyberattacks has led to an increase in cybersecurity attempts. The global cybersecurity market was valued at $161.07 billion in 2019. Its estimated value by 2025 will be $363.05 million.
The demand for cybersecurity professionals has increased dramatically in recent years. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is far greater than the current market.
Top Cyber Security Jobs at Entry Level
1. Security Analyst or Security Manager:
Security analysts play a vital role in protecting business intelligence against cybercriminals who seek to access, modify, delete, or view business data. This professional assists businesses in identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities. They often work closely together with other departments to create new processes. All the col are security analysts