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Top 8 Project Management Books You Must Have

Project managers have a stressful job. They are responsible for many tasks. Project managers face many challenges, including overruns, failed negotiations, and other frustrating moments. However, they must ensure that the project does not go south. Sometimes you’ll meet untrained project managers. They can find it very stressful if they don’t use all the resources available.
There are many practical tools that can help you improve your management skills, especially for beginners. The best way to learn about project management is through books. Let’s take a look at them! Jay Papasan and Gary Keller, “The One Thing”.
This book is about organizing and decluttering your life. It will teach you how to organize your life, work with others to achieve goals, and create a more stress-free working environment. The concept of “The One Thing” is simple: project managers and companies should concentrate on one task at a time, rather than wasting their time on multiple tasks. Project managers can use this concept to focus their attention on one task at a time, such as missed deadlines, budgets or schedules. This will help them achieve better results. The One Thing will help you focus better on your tasks and narrow down your priorities. This is not only for business, but also in your personal life. Kory Kogon, “Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager”
This book is a great resource for those who are new to the industry or don’t know where they should start. This book covers everything you need to know about project management, from planning to execute and monitoring to managing the project. Written information is easy to understand because it uses everyday language to explain complex terms. It’s also filled with real-life examples to give readers a better understanding of the various scenarios. You will find valuable tips and tricks to motivate your team, lead effectively, as well as formulas you can use later to improve your project. This book is primarily for people who plan projects occasionally and shows how to keep them under control. “What the Heck is EOS?” Gino Wickman, Tom Bouwer
We all come to one book that many project management teams find very helpful. “What the Heck is EOS?” Offers a hands-on approach for those who struggle to integrate Entrepreneurial Operating Systems in their organizations. “What the Heck is EOS?” This article focuses on the following: What does an operating system stand to represent?
What is an Entrepreneurial Opera System (EOS)?
Why does my company use EOS?
What are EOS foundational tools and how can they impact project managers?
This book is a great way to explain EOS in everyday language. To fully understand EOS tools, everyone on your team can read the book, from content writers to designers. Design Principles Cheat Sheet
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