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The 5 Best Certification Pairs For Cisco CCNA Data Center

To stay competitive, businesses are integrating new technologies into the infrastructure of their business. Even if you have a well-established company, professionals will need to be knowledgeable about the latest technologies.
Your IT team should be trained to obtain the best IT certifications. This will allow you to maximize your skills. IT professionals with Cisco CCNA Data Center certifications are well-equipped to learn new technologies such as cloud, cybersecurity, and more.
This blog will discuss the 5 most valuable certifications you can get your Cisco CCNA Data Center professionals certified for. It will also provide a complement to their existing skills and expertise.
1. Cloud Certifications: Cloud certifications can be a great addition for data center professionals. Training your IT staff in cloud certifications is a great way to help your company in the long-term, as the industry is moving towards cloud technology. Learning cloud technology will not be difficult because your IT professionals already know the basics of a data centre.
There are many cloud certifications available. If your cloud strategy is unclear or in an early stage of planning, you might consider vendor-neutral certifications such as those offered through CompTIA.
2. CCNA Routing & Switching: CCNA data center professionals already understand the basics of networking. Although Routing and switching professionals have different tasks, the fundamentals of networking remain the same. Your IT professionals will be able to pass the CCNA Routing & Switching Certification. This will help them understand Routing & Switching and prepare them for more varied roles.
3. VMware Certified Professional (VCP), Network Virtualization: VMware’s NSX runs over an IP network on commodity hardware. VMware Certified Professional (VCP), certification will enhance the skills of your IT staff members if they are working on VMware NSX software. It covers all major aspects of VMware NSX.
Your team members already have a Cisco CCNA certificate. They can be qualified for VCP-NV by passing either vSphere 6 Foundations or vSphere 6.5 Foundations exams, and then the VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization exam.
4. Cybersecurity certifications: These skills are a great addition to your IT team. They must be familiar with the intricacies of data management within your organization. This makes them ideal candidates for cybersecurity training.
CompTIA Security+ Certification is a great way to get started if your IT professional has no cybersecurity experience or knowledge. They will gain skills and knowledge in organizational security and security fundamentals through the certification training.
You can train them to become a CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+). This will allow you to gain advanced skills. This certification validates the skills and knowledge needed to use threat detection tools and perform data analysis to identify vulnerabilities and threats to a business.
5. CCNP Data Center is one of the most obvious certification pairs. This certification is for advanced skills in data-center management and not a complimentary certificate from another area. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Data Center certification is a must-have for any business that has data centers.

Technology is improving every day. In 2019, we will see new technologies in cloud, cybersecurity and networking. Your IT staff must keep up with the latest technologies and trends by certifying them and training them. These certifications will help you get more clients, since many organizations prefer to work only with certified professionals.
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