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You have now made the decision to take GMAT. Congratulations! Let’s show the world that you are serious about business school by displaying your best skills.
It is important to realize that the GMAT preparation is a time-consuming endeavor. It generally takes two to three months to prepare for the GMAT. Let’s discuss the exam in detail and the preparation strategies before we begin to prepare.
What is the GMAT Exam?
Also known as Graduate Management Admission Test (r) (GMAT(r)) exam. It is a standardized exam that is used to determine admissions decisions for more than 7,000 graduate management programs around the world, and approximately 2,300 graduate business schools. This exam was designed to help you assess your academic potential and show schools that you are capable of succeeding in graduate-level management studies.
A Brief Overview
There are four parts to the exam that measure your analytical writing, verbal and quantitative reasoning. These are high-order reasoning skills that management faculty around the world have identified as essential for candidates. These higher-order reasoning skills include complex judgments, critical thought, analysis, and problem solving.
GMAT scores are a reliable, statistically valid, and standardized measure of academic performance in core curriculum courses of graduate management programs. Numerous academic studies have established the validity, fairness and value of the GMAT exam for admissions.
Why should you take the GMAT Exam?
It is crucial to understand the importance of taking the GMAT exam. GMAT scores help you stand out in the admissions process and show that you are ready to pursue graduate management education. GMAT scores are used by business schools to select the best applicants. Candidates taking the GMAT must be committed to earning a graduate degree in business. It is a reliable predictor of a student’s success in the program.
Business schools that use GMAT generally list average scores or score ranges in their class profiles. These profiles can be used to gauge the academic competitiveness of a program as well as how your performance on the exam compares to other students in the program. It is important to reach out to schools that interest you, regardless of how you do on the GMAT exam. Ask how they use GMAT scores and any other criteria.
Format for GMAT Exam
There are four sections to the exam, each with a time limit.
First, the Analytical Writing Assessment section (AWA) consists of one essay.
The Integrated Reasoning section is the second. It consists of graphical- and data analysis questions with multiple responses.
Quantitative Reasoning sections are composed of multiple-choice questions.
The Verbal Reasoning sections include multiple-choice questions.
Computer adaptive sections in the GMAT exam’s Verbal and Quantitative sections indicate that the test was built from a large number of questions. This allows the test to be tailored to your abilities. The computer then scores each question and uses that score, along with your answers to all previous questions, to select the next question.
The computer uses your answers for selecting your next questions. You cannot skip questions or change your answer to a question from the past. If you don’t know the answers to a question then you should eliminate as many options as possible and then choose the best answer.
Even though each question is different, the GMAT exam has the same mix of questions. Your score is also determined by the difficulty of the questions you answer and the statistical characteristics of those questions. You also have to answer all questions correctly. You can adapt to