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Switch to a Modern Desktop using M365 and the Right Training Partner

What is Microsoft Modern Desktop?
Let us explain what M365 is if you don’t understand it. Microsoft 365 (M365), a bundle of Microsoft Cloud services, includes Office 365 ProPlus and Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise Mobility, Security, and Security. The next question you might ask is “Why should I purchase a bundled license?”
This is where the concept “Modern Desktop” comes in. Microsoft states that a modern desktop runs on Windows 10 Pro or Office 365 ProPlus, with the most recent updates.
Why not buy Office 365 ProPlus only?
Businesses who want to adopt Office 365 will eventually need to purchase Windows 10 Pro and subscribe separately to the security services. Security updates for Windows 7 will cease from January 2020 (and possibly for other versions in the near future). M365 includes everything. This makes it easy to get started and saves valuable resources for connecting different components.
Are Other Organizations Moving to a Modern Computer?
Yes! Many organizations around the globe are already making this shift. Microsoft claims that more than half of all active commercial monthly devices are running Windows 10. Security concerns are the main reason why organizations are making the switch. M365 has many security tools built in that are always up-to-date with the latest threats protection. This feature protects your organization against new threats and ensures enterprise-level protection on all apps and devices.
This is not the only reason you should upgrade to a new desktop. M365 provides user-friendly collaboration experiences and access to the most recent technologies to deliver rich capabilities across mobile devices and PCs. It reduces downtime, improves control and uses cloud-based analytics to power new customizable tools that automate common tasks.
How do you switch to a modern desktop? Prepare your IT team to support Microsoft 365.
Microsoft has made it easy to transition to the modern desktop by launching programs that help businesses migrate to the new desktop and troubleshoot compatibility issues with other apps. It’s not easy to switch to Microsoft 365. The process involves many setups and requirements.
You can manage the M365 migration internally if you have an IT team that is certified in managing and administering M365. This will prevent you from having to rely on third-party service providers who might expose your confidential business information.
How can NetCom Learning help prepare your IT staff for Microsoft 365?
NetCom Learning, a global training organization with over 20 years of experience, provides extensive training in various IT skills. More than 1000 industry professionals are part of our network, and they have helped more than 10,000 organizations around the world. NetCom Learning offers over 3500+ courses, which are divided into nine practice areas. We are proud to be Microsoft’s “Partner of The Year” multiple times and are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Learning Solutions (CPLS).
NetCom Learning is always ahead of the curve when it comes to helping organizations prepare for new technologies. NetCom Learning offers comprehensive training courses for several M365 certifications, including Microsoft 365 Associate Certification (M365), Certified Messaging Administrator Associate Certificate, Microsoft 365 Associate Certification (M365), Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Certification, and Microsoft 365 Associate Certification (M365), Certified Teamwork Administrator Associate. They can assist your IT professionals in administering various Microsoft 365 applications.
We offer expert training courses for senior IT engineers and IT team leaders, such as Microsoft 365 (M365), Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert Certification, and Microsoft 365(M365), Certified Security Administrator Associate Certification.
We also offer the Microsoft 365 fundamental training course for your employees. It will help them to use M365 products more efficiently, which can improve business productivity.
Security is today’s top priority for organizations around the world. This is why switching to a modern desktop early is a smart decision. Security leaks can be prevented by putting the right technology in the hands and control of the users. Even if your IT professionals are Office 365 certified, it is a good idea to train them for the M365 certifications. This will allow them to keep up their skills and be able to use the new features of M365.