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Silence is not always golden

“Silent gratitude doesn’t make any difference to anyone.” – G.B. Stern
This is a quote from a leader.
“If I don’t yell at me, it means that you are doing a great job.” You can go about your business and be content that I’m not yelling at them.
“You get paid to be here; I haven’t said you are doing an awful job; what do your needs be?”
Some people just want to know that they are appreciated. This is not an unreasonable request.
This could be a good moment to ask yourself if this person is truly a leader, or if they are simply someone with a title or a higher place on the organizational hierarchy.
The person who assumes you are appreciated is less hostile but still not strong leader. They don’t express it because they should know. As-If mind reading is possible.
Motivation is not limited to salary, advancement, and new opportunities. Positive reinforcement and recognition can provide more value than monetary rewards for some people.
Sincere thanks go a long way. Tell your colleagues and team members that you appreciate them. Be specific. It’s fine to say “I appreciate” or “I love you.” It is better to say, “I appreciate your ability to redirect our executive staff when they get off track,”. It’s always a good idea to let someone you admire know when they show a skill or do something exceptional.
Your communication plan should include appreciation. To show appreciation to your team, you might consider including reminders in your communication plan. You could make it a special day by bringing in treats or writing notes to express your appreciation for them. You might throw a surprise party with pizza.
Don’t be ashamed of what you do. This is not the right time to be silent!