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Sample Questions for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ900 Certification Exam- Part 2.

Here are more questions for the Azure Fundamentals Certification AZ900 Exam. The bottom of the page contains explanations and answers. You can also access Part 1 of Sample Questions if you haven’t tried it yet.
Based on past actions, you need to be able to predict future behavior. Which product option should be eliminated as a candidate? Azure Machine Learningb. Azure Bot Servicec. Azure Cognitive Services
To automatically create alt tags for properly formatted images, you must identify the product images. Which production option is best? Azure Cognitive Servicesb. Azure Bot Servicec. Azure Machine Learning
Which service doesn’t have the features to assign developers tasks?a. Githubb. Azure Pipelinesc. Azure Boards
Which service offers official outage root cause analysis (RCAs), for Azure incidents?a. Azure Advisorb. Azure Monitorc. Azure Service Health
Bash is a Bash shell that allows administrators to retrieve IP addresses from VMs. Which one of these tools should you use? Azure Portalb. Azure PowerShellc. ARM templatesd. The Azure CLI
A company wants to create a new voting kiosk to sell to governments around the globe. What IoT technologies should a company choose to ensure maximum security? IoT Hubb. IoT centralc. Azure Sphere
Although your team is not experienced in writing custom code, it sees great value in automating many important business processes. Which of these options is best for your team?a Azure Functionsb. Azure LogicApps
You want to create a workflow using APIs from many well-known services. Which option is best for this scenario?a Azure Functionsb. Azure LogicApps
A company wants to manage its IoT devices quickly using a web-based interface. Which IoT technology should it choose. IoT Hubb. IoT Centralc. Azure Sphere
A human-computer interface must be created that uses natural language to answer customer queries. Which product option should be eliminated as a candidate? Azure Bot Serviceb. Azure Cognitive Servicec. Azure Machine Learning
These are the correct answers, along with explanations:
Predictions will not be made by the b.Azure Bot Service. It should be removed as a candidate.
A.Azure Cognitive Services offers Vision services that can identify the content in an image. Azure Cognitive Services is the best choice.
b.Azure Pipelines can be used to build an automated toolchain using CI/CD tools. It does not have the ability to assign tasks to developers. It can however automate other tools that allow users to assign tasks.
c.Azure Health offers incident history and RCAs that you can share with your stakeholders.
d. The Azure CLI allows you to use Bash for one-off tasks on Azure
c.AzureSphere offers the highest level of security to ensure that the device is not tampered with.
b.Azure Logic Apps suits users who prefer a visual environment that allows them automate business processes. Logic Apps is the best choice in this situation.
b.Azure Logic Apps allows you to create a workflow that spans well-known services without having to write code or manually manage all the steps.
b.IoT Central quickly sets up a web-based management portal that allows reporting and communication with IoT device IoT devices.
Azure Machine Learning could be used for creating a natural language model. However, this would likely prove costly and time-consuming. It should be removed as a candidate.
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These questions will not be asked in the certification exam. CloudThat and I do not have any official relationship with Microsoft regarding the certification, or the type of questions asked. These are my best guesses as to the type of questions.