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Sample Questions for Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ104 Certification Exam

Here are some questions for the Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ104 Certification Exam.
You can quickly answer multiple-choice questions and verify the correct answer at end.
Here’s the Quiz:
Which of the following Azure CLI cmdlets is required to create a Network Security Group? az sec nsg updateb. az nsg createc. az network nsg created. az security nsg create
You are assigning Azure AD roles. Which role will allow the user manage all the groups in your Team’s tenant and be able assign other administrator roles? Choose one. Global Administratorb. Password Administratorc. Security Administratord. Administrator for Users
You want to categorize and bill different departments such as IT and HR. You need to consolidate billing across multiple resource groups. What should you do? You can choose two to complete the solution. Each department should have its own tag. For each department, create a billing group. Create an Azure policy. Combine the groups to create a single resource group. Create a subscription account rule
Which of these best describes the format for an Azure Resource Manager template Choose one.a. A markdown document that includes a pointer tableb. A JSON document with key value pairsc. A TXT file with key-value pairingsd. An XML document containing element-value pairs
Your company has an existing Azure tenant named The company would like to use to access its Azure resources. You add a custom domain in Azure. To verify the custom domain, you will need to add a DNS Record. What two record types can you create? Add a PTR to the DNS zoneb. Add a TXT to the DNS zonec. Add an MX record in the DNS zoned. Add an SRV record in the DNS zonee. Add a CNAME Record to the DNS zone
Your company is planning to implement a Site to-Site VPN to Microsoft Azure. You have been selected to plan and execute the VPN. You have an Azure subscription, a virtual network from Azure, and an Azure gateway subnet. To meet the requirements of the Site-to site VPN, you will need to prepare your on-premises environment as well as Microsoft Azure. Later, you will test the VPN connection. What should you do? (Each answer is a part of the solution. Choose three.a. Get a VPN device to use in the on-premises environment. Get a VPN device to use in the Azure environment. Create a virtual network gateway and the local network gateway in Azured. Create a virtual network gateway in Azuree (ExpressRoute). For the VPN devicef, obtain a public IPv4 IP adress without NAT. For the VPN device, obtain a public IPv4 IP adrese behind NAT
What load balancing strategy does Application Gateway use? Choose one. Round-robin distributes requests to each server in a backend group. Distributes requests to the server with the lowest load in the backend pool. Each server in the backend pools is polled and the request is sent to the server that replies. One server is used until the server has reached 50% load. Then, it moves on to the next server.
Your company is creating an Azure app. The app has the following storage requirements:->Storage must be reachable programmatically through a REST API.->Storage must be globally redundant.->Storage must be accessible privately within the company’s Azure environment.-> Storage must be optimal for unstructured data.Which type of Azure storage should you use for the app? Choose one.a. Azure Data Lake storeb. Azure Table Storagec. Azure Blob Storaged. Azure File Storage
Your company is researching Microsoft Azure. The company is looking into Azure-based Windows-based VMs. The company must first manage the risks.