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Project Management Phases: Exploring Phase 4 – Monitoring and Control

After you and your team have completed initiation, planning, and started with execution, phase #4 is the monitoring and controlling phase. Will Rogers said that even if you’re on the right track, if you sit still, you’ll get lost. This is a very active stage in your project, so make sure you engage fully to ensure your team stays on track.
Roli Pathak, in her article Top 5 Project Management Phases, introduced phase 4. She stated that the monitoring-control phase is “at the same moment as the execution phase.” This phase is responsible for evaluating the project’s progress and performance in accordance with the plan. Scope verification and control are used to monitor scope creep and change control to track and manage any changes to the project’s requirements. To determine if there is any variation in cost or time, key performance indicators are calculated. If this happens, corrective measures are suggested to keep the project on track. Consider the reasons why projects are most likely to fail and how to avoid them. ”
Exploring Phase #4 ,Ai Monitoring & Control
I mentioned in Project Management Phases Exploring Phase #3,Ai Execution, that phase 3 and 4 coexist. Monitoring and controlling is when you need to reconcile the projected performance as stated in your planning documentation and your actual performance. If you find areas that aren’t in line, make sure to immediately correct them. You can avoid bigger milestone or deadline interruptions by making these small corrections.
This illustration shows all phases. It will help you understand how control and monitoring fit into the overall picture.

Project Management Methodology
Let’s take a closer view at the items Roli mentioned that project managers must look at in order to help their team execute the project plan.
Scope,Ai As you probably know, scope refers to the project’s objectives, deliverables and task assignments. It also includes any anticipated expenses and the deadline. Roli warned about scope creep. Scope creep is when there are changes or deviations from the established scope. You may notice instances when your team has lost focus or misunderstood the plan. You can help your team get back on track by directing the situation and niggling them to focus.
Change Control – It is essential to control the process in order to meet stakeholder expectations and deliver on decision makers’ expectations. Your job is to anticipate potential problems and plan for them. You will be able address and resolve problems faster if you have taken the time to note possible solutions to potential problems. You should be careful not to make unnecessary changes. This could cause problems that weren’t there and can lead to delays that were not necessary.
Key Performance Indicators (KPI),Ai Key performance indicators can be used to measure and evaluate your team’s progress. You should make sure that your team meets project milestones on schedule and stays within budget. There is always the chance that your team’s projected resources may not be enough to complete the task. These situations can be addressed faster if you are actively reviewing the progress reports and metrics.
Cause,Ai. It is not enough just to know that there are problems. To avoid the same problems from recurring during this phase, you must first determine why they exist. Check out the Top 10 Reasons Projects Fail to get an idea of what might cause problems during your project.
Performance Coaching
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