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Project Management Phases: Exploring Phase 3 – Execution

Your project team has completed the planning phase. You have created a solid strategy for the project. Peter Drucker said that plans are only good intentions if they turn into hard work. Your team is now ready to begin phase #3, the Execution Phase.
Roli Pathak’s overview of the Top 5 Project Management Phases states that this phase is where a project deliverable is created and completed according to a plan. This phase includes tasks such as project status updates and status meetings. This phase is crucial as it will help you determine if your project will succeed or fail. ”
Exploring Phase #3, Ai Execution
This stage of the project’s life cycle will see you finalize your project team and obtain all necessary resources to complete the tasks outlined in the planning documentation. As project manager, your focus will shift to directing and performing all activities necessary to create the tangible product/service as outlined in project plan.

Project Management Methodology
Execution phase is likely to take the longest time of all the phases. This stage will require the most energy and resources.
Phase 4, Monitoring & control, is closely related to the execution phase. In my next exploration post, I will discuss details of phase 4. You must remember, however, that you will need to create a management system for tracking time, resource expenditure, delays and other issues during execution. You and your team will not lose quality.
Jason Westland is’s founder and CEO. He stated in his book, The Project Management Live Cycle: A complete step-by–step method for initiating, planning and executing a successful project. This is the phase in which the deliverables are physically constructed, and presented to customers for acceptance. The project manager oversees and controls all activities, resources, expenditure, and costs required to build each deliverable. To ensure that the project goes according to plan, there are a number of management processes. Figure 1.5 shows the activities that are performed. ”

Jason shows in this visual how phases 3 and 4 are linked by simultaneous actions and which activities take part during this time.
Project Manager Priorities
Your visibility as a project manager is important during the execution phase. Clients, stakeholders, and executive management will all expect progress updates.

Project Management Methodology
You don’t want your project manager to be too involved in executing activities. This will cause you to become overwhelmed by the monotony of tasks. Instead, you should supervise your team and help each member achieve their goals. This will allow you to communicate effectively with management. Your client’s expectations must be your focus.
Your goal is to pay attention to all developments and keep everyone involved informed about them, including routine status updates and resource usage. You want to maintain and achieve quality throughout the project, catching and mitigating potential risks before they impact the milestones and the completion date.
A project manager who is successful at multitasking is a key skill. Monitoring and controlling technically occurs in the next phase. However, it is important to be aware of potential pitfalls during execution.
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