Backyard Garden Decor – Lawn Statues, Figurines & Outdoor Fountains

Create an imaginative backyard garden with unique decorations from BackyardGardenershop. Find statues, figurines, fountains & water gardens and more.

What are the steps to take to get hired?

Students and individuals from all walks of life learn professional education to reach the top and help them develop their skills and knowledge. There are many candidates who are eager to be hired at the job of their choice. However, not all are able or willing to do so. They must also invest time, money, […]

What skills do you need to be an Occupational Health and Safety Professional

An organization must ensure safety and security for its workers and employees. These skills are acquired over time in upper and middle management. They must give assurance to their employees for their well-being and care. The more productive the workers will be, the safer the workplace. For creating a safe and healthy environment, you will […]

What should you know about Google Pixel XL and Google Pixel XL

From year to year, Google’s Nexus programme produced one or two pure Android smartphones. Nexus displayed Android in its purest form without the need for manufacturer skins. It is remarkable that Nexus was an opportunity for Google to say, “This is what Android is.” You will be amazed at the changes this year. The most […]

Two new opportunities to become an Oracle Certified Specialist

Are you ready to stand out in a highly competitive job market? It’s time to join the more than 1.9 million Oracle Certified Professionals. Oracle certification can help you increase your technical skills and expand your career options. It is the best way to become a better technologist who can implement, develop, and manage critical […]

Two main questions about Microsoft Client Access Licenses (CAL) are: What is it? What is it?

What is a client licence? Client licenses (or CAL – Client Access License) give users legal access to Microsoft server software for Windows, SQL server, and Exchange server. The license by itself does not grant the individual or device the right to connect the server. Each client license must be obtained by each user. Server […]

With SALT, turn your students into statistical thinkers

Do your students struggle with data meaning? Do they find it difficult to understand complex calculations and data analysis tools? You are not the only one! We hear statistics instructors often say that their greatest challenge is making students statistical thinkers. This tool, the Statistical Analysis and Learning Tool (SALT), will help students learn in […]

Tune into a New Oracle Exam

Why is Oracle certification so prestigious? We’ll be trying to answer this controversial question today. Let’s be honest, Oracle is not the most elegant database with the fastest platform. This IT company still dominates the global database market. What is the secret to this success? Oracle’s success is based on its proactive approach and ability […]

Tuesday News: 25% Off ExamCollection Premium Files

We thought you would be interested in this: ExamCollection offers 25% off this week! 25% off is a great deal! Just enter the promo code APRILSPECIAL on the checkout page. This will give you a better deal on Premium files, either separately or as Unlimited Access. ExamCollection is a free VCE community! Why would you […]

My favorite MindTap feature: Deep Linking in my LMS

Dr. Billi Bromer, a professor of Education at Brenau University, is MindTap is my favorite feature of Canvas Learning Management System. I use it for all my online courses. All the information students need is available in one place. Students don’t have to leave Canvas to read an eText, or to access the digital resources […]

Moving forward to MOS Certification

Corinne Hoisington is the Professor of Information Systems Technology at Central Virginia Community College. Companies are rethinking their workforce performance strategies and customer experience strategies as the pandemic affects major work trends. The company leaders want to ensure that employees are proficient in Microsoft Office, regardless of whether they work from home or at the […]