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My favorite MindTap feature: Deep Linking in my LMS

Dr. Billi Bromer, a professor of Education at Brenau University, is

MindTap is my favorite feature of Canvas Learning Management System. I use it for all my online courses.
All the information students need is available in one place. Students don’t have to leave Canvas to read an eText, or to access the digital resources I’ve provided. This saves time and makes the course easier for students. Simplicity is a time-saver for the increasing number of non-traditional students who are now able to complete online courses. It also builds confidence.
These are the Digital Resources I Use Most In My Canvas Courses
As an example, I’ll use my Canvas course on Developmental Psychology. This course is very extensive and MindTap offers multiple learning options.
Flashcards are a great way to help students learn key terms and concepts. Each card contains a word, phrase, and definition on one side. Click on the card to reveal a word or phrase. Students can flip the card over to learn a term. Students can then self-assess the term and decide if they have learned it. Students can either view the word/phrase side and try to define it using their own words or view the definition side and identify what term it is.
The Did You Get It? quizzes are another way students can learn the content and self-assess. quizzes. Quizzes can also be pre-set to allow students to take multiple attempts so they can assess their learning level, go back and review, and then reassess. The Did You Get It? You can also use these quizzes to earn points and as low-stakes assignments. Included the Did You Get It? Regular quizzes not only provide practice for students, but also give them the chance to earn points towards their grade in a lower stress format.
Video Cases
There are digital assets that enhance the content and give me the theory-to practice application I need for MindTap. These digital resources complement the MindTap digital resources. These video cases show how the content can be applied in real life. Students might learn about “memory” and see a video clip on rehearsal strategies that can be used by students to improve their memory.
The video cases also have questions that students can answer in MindTap. Each video case can be linked to the Canvas course as with all other digital resources. Students can click on each video case to view it and answer the questions.
I would be remiss if i didn’t mention the instructor-grading process. MindTap grades sync directly into my Canvas class. Canvas also records the percentages or points I assign to students when I grade their MindTap video case responses. I don’t need to go back into Canvas to record points for Grades. They are automatically posted.
Digital Resources for a Customized Learning Experience
Both the student and the instructor will enjoy MindTap’s deep integration into Canvas. Instructors can choose MindTap digital resources to use in a Canvas course. This allows them to tailor the course objectives to their needs. They can use as many resources or as few as they find useful. It is easy to link digital resources in a learning management software, which allows for a personalized course that is easy for both students as well as instructors to manage. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!
You want to learn more about MindTap’s favorite features for instructors?