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Moving forward to MOS Certification

Corinne Hoisington is the Professor of Information Systems Technology at Central Virginia Community College.

Companies are rethinking their workforce performance strategies and customer experience strategies as the pandemic affects major work trends. The company leaders want to ensure that employees are proficient in Microsoft Office, regardless of whether they work from home or at the office.
Microsoft Office certifications can give individuals an edge in the hiring process in one or more Microsoft Office applications. They also help them to improve their skills and expertise in various Microsoft Office functions.
Recent research of 14,000 Office Specialists, and 1,200 of their supervisors, clearly showed that Office Specialists are more competent, productive, and credible due to their certification status.

MOS Certification Exams at Associate Level
To begin your MOS certification journey, you will need to understand the basics of Microsoft platforms.

Microsoft Word (Word 365 & Word 2019)
This exam tests your proficiency in using the principal features of Word to create and edit documents for a variety purposes. This exam tests your ability to create professional-looking reports, multicolumn newsletters and business correspondence.

Microsoft Excel (Excel 365 & Excel 2019)
This exam tests your ability to create and manage worksheets and workbooks, create cells and ranges, create tables, apply formulas and functions, and create charts and objects. This exam tests your ability to create and edit multiple sheets of workbook and to use a graphic element to visually represent data. Examples of workbook examples include financial statements, budgets, team performance charts and sales invoices.

Microsoft PowerPoint (PowerPoint 365 & PowerPoint 2019)
This exam tests your ability to create, edit, and enhance slideshows and presentations. It also measures your ability to insert and format slides, create slide content and transitions, and manage multiple presentations. Examples of presentation examples include professional-grade sales presentations and employee training, instructional material, and kiosk slideshows.

Microsoft Outlook (Outlook 365 & Outlook 2019)
The exam tests your ability to improve professional communication, create calendars, and schedule appointments. Examples of application include planning meetings, assigning action items, coordinating building resources, and sending messages to marketing campaigns. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in Outlook’s main features and be able to complete tasks on their own.

MOS Certification Exams Expert Level
Learn about the different exams and the competencies that expert-level MOS certification will give you.

Microsoft Word Expert
This exam tests your ability to create and manage professional documents for a variety specialized purposes. This exam tests your ability to modify Word environments to meet project requirements and increase productivity. A business plan, a research report, a book and a mass mailing are examples of expert-level documents.

Microsoft Excel Expert
This exam tests your ability to create, manage and distribute professional spreadsheets for a variety specialized purposes. This exam tests your ability to adapt Excel environments to meet project requirements and improve productivity. Examples of expert workbooks include custom business templates and multiple-axis financial charts.

Microsoft Access Expert
This exam tests your knowledge of database design principles. This exam tests your ability to create and maintain Access Database objects, including tables, relationships and multi-table queries.

MOS 365 and MOS 2019, each exam lasts 50 minutes
Word – 35 Questions
Excel – 35 Questions
PowerPoint – 35 Questions
Word Expert – 25 Questions
Excel Expert – 25 Questions
Access – 31 Questions
Outlook – 35 Questions

SAM MOS Practice Exams
SAM offers practice exams for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), which are similar to the actual MOS exam format and cover both the expert-level and associate-level exams. Cengage Office textbooks are mapped to the MOS Exam Certifications. The SAM MOS Practice Exams allow students to prepare in a simulated exam environment. This helps students to reduce anxiety and practice directly related to the MOS objectives.

Schedule a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS Exam) Practice Exam
To help students prepare for the actual MOS exam, schedule a SAM MOS test. The MOS exam is the most recognized certification to validate Micr