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Is the DevNet Professional worth it?

Cisco networking certifications are the gold standard in networking technology. If you have been in IT for a while, you will likely know a few CCNAs and CCNPs. These certifications are well-established and will be around for a long period of time.
But that doesn’t mean technology isn’t evolving, nor does certifications. Cisco created a new track of certification last year that focuses on the intersection between modern networking and software development. The Cisco DevNet pathway is designed to assist IT professionals who want to create and integrate Cisco technologies.
Cisco has simplified and revised their networking certifications, in addition to introducing DevNet Associate and Specialist certifications. This initiative aims to modernize certification paths so professionals can target their specialties precisely.
What is the DevNet Professional and what are their responsibilities?
The Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certification is designed to validate your ability develop and maintain applications on Cisco platforms. This hybrid certification bridges the gap between software development, networking, and is a hybrid certification. Cisco recognized the importance of certifying professionals who can work in both these worlds.
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Start trainingThe DevNet Professional certification track is the culmination and culmination of this combination.
What is the DevNet Professional Test?
To earn the DevNet Professional certification, you must pass two exams. The first exam covers core software development and design for Cisco platforms. It focuses on software development and design, including APIs, security and deployment, as well as infrastructure and automation. All candidates must take the 350-901 DEVCOR exam. It is divided into five domains.
Software Development and Design (20%)
Understanding and using APIs (20%)
Cisco Platforms and Development (20%)
Application Deployment & Security (20%)
Infrastructure and Automation (20%)

Each one of these can be broken down into between 5-12 subdomains. You can find them here.
You can choose from eight specialties in software development for the second test. You’ll find the course description and a Cisco course below each exam.
300-435 ENAUTO

CLAUTO 300-835

300-635 DCAUTO

300-535 SPAUTO

300-735 SAUTO

300-910 DEVOPS

300-915 DEVIOT

300-920 DEVWBX

Each exam training course lasts between three and five working days and costs between $3,000 to $4,295 (USD).
The DevNet Professional certification can be customized in many ways, as you can see. Cisco created this structure to increase the value of the DevNet certification track. It avoids the trap of forcing a square peg in a round hole. Your specialty skills are validated at a high-level if you are a DevNet Professional.
How much does the DevNet Professional cost you?
The DevNet Professional core exam (350-901 DEVCOR), voucher costs $350 and each specialty exam voucher is $300. Each specialty exam voucher costs $300. You will have 120 minutes to answer between 100-102 questions. The items will be composed of multiple-choice/single-response and multiple-choice/multiple-response types.
Your costs will increase at least tenfold if you purchase the training course. If your employer is willing, you should sign up. If your employer is not willing to pay for the training, you might want to self-study and take a $300 exam to test your knowledge before spending $3,000 on a course.
What experience do you need to be a DevNet Professional?