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Is CySA+ worth it?

Cybersecurity is undoubtedly the most understaffed IT specialty. It is alarming that the United States has more than 300,000. Unfilled cybersecurity jobs. This specialty is on the rise, with nearly two million unfilled jobs globally by 2022. It’s great to know that CompTIA training is available online to meet industry demand.
This is due to the sophistication of black-hat actors. They have learned how to avoid traditional signature-based defenses such as firewalls and antivirus software. This is precisely why CompTIA’s CySA+ certification was made. Let’s find out what CySA+ certification is, how to get it, and if it’s right for you.
What is CySA+?
CompTIA’s CySA+ certification doesn’t seem to be very old. The first edition was released in 2017, with a revision in 2020. It’s made quite a splash in that time. Its inclusion on the approved list of the U.S. Department of Defense to meet Directive 8570.01M requirements is one example. It is a baseline certification for five categories of professions and is in compliance with Federal Information Security Management Act regulations.
CompTIA’s first certification in cybersecurity certification is the well-known Security+ certification. Prior to 2017, the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner was the next level of security certification. The certifying organization CySA+ was created in recognition of the need for intermediate accreditation between expert and beginner.
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Start trainingWhat is the CySA+ test?
CySA+ is focused on the ability of a candidate to apply “behavioral analysis to networks and devices to prevent and detect cybersecurity threats through continuous security surveillance” because of the advanced hacking trends.
To assess core cybersecurity analyst skills, the exam uses both multiple-choice questions and performance-based questions. CySA+ also emphasizes concepts such as “software and app security, automation, threat hunting, and IT regulatory compliance.”
Questions are divided into five domains
Compliance and Assessment
Incident Response
Software and Systems Security
Security Operations and Monitoring
Management of Threat and Vulnerability

CompTIA states that the primary purpose of certifying someone with CySA+ is to demonstrate their ability as a cybersecurity analyst who can monitor and detect vulnerabilities across a network and respond to and mitigate them, regardless of the system or language used.
What is the CySA+ Exam Price?
The base cost of a CySA+ voucher is $359. However, CompTIA offers many ways to bundle products or services to lower this cost. The test takes 165 minutes and covers 85 questions. Passing score is 750, on a 100-900-point scale.
What experience do you need for the CySA+ exam?
CompTIA recommends that you earn your Network+ and Security+ certifications, as well as four years of experience in applied cybersecurity. These aren’t mandatory and can be skipped. However, it’s important to understand CompTIA’s structure and view your resume from the employer’s perspective.
CySA+ is a security certification for mid-level professionals that focuses on network behavioral analytics. It builds on the Network+ and Security+ knowledge to confirm your baseline knowledge as well as higher-level experience. While it is possible to earn a CySA+ certification without having these two certs, employers will likely and legitimately question if there are skills gaps that are hidden by the absence of CompTIA’s baseline certifications.
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