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Is CompTIA Server+ worth it?

Server+ is one the less-known CompTIA certifications. This is a basic certification that targets IT professionals with less than two to four years experience. Although it is not as well-known than some of CompTIA’s other certifications like Security+, Network+ and A+, a Server+ certificate will almost certainly add to your resume.
CompTIA Server+ is the only vendor neutral server certification currently available. It competes with vendor-specific certs such as CCNA Data Center and MCSA Server Administrator. These accreditations are focused on specific products and implementations. CompTIA Server+ focuses on fundamental principles of server and networking.
What is CompTIA Server+?
CompTIA Server+, an entry-level, broad-scope certification, focuses on working with servers. Server+ was launched in 2015. It focuses on on-premise data center architecture with a limited focus on the cloud. Server+’s server administration features require physical access to servers. This is becoming less common.
Server+ 2.0 is due to be released in May 2021. It will undoubtedly place a greater emphasis on cloud computing and less on server administration on-prem.
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Start trainingWhat is the CompTIA Server+ Exam?
Server+ verifies knowledge in four domains.
Server Hardware Installation and Management: 18%
Server Administration: 30%
24% Security and Disaster Recovery
Troubleshooting: 28%

CompTIA Server+ Certification Examination Objectives Guide explains how questions are organized within each of these four domains. This list can be used to help you evaluate your skills.
CompTIA describes Server Hardware Installation and Management as the ability to “install, configure and manage server operating systems and server hardware.” These questions are knowledge-based and require you to be familiar with procedures that are standard in all IT situations.
Install physical hardware in a given situation.
Given a scenario, deploy storage and manage it.
Perform server hardware maintenance if you are given the situation.

Server+ tests basic server administration skills at a high level. This exam is for people who have worked with servers for at least a year. Server+ specifically wants you to be able:
Install server operating systems in a given scenario.
Configure servers to use network infrastructure services in a given scenario.
Configure and maintain the server features and functions given a scenario.
Describe the key concepts behind high availability servers.
Summarize the purpose of virtualization and its operation.
Summarize the basics of scripting for server administration.
Explain the importance and benefits of asset management.
Explain licensing concepts.

Effective server administration is dependent on establishing a baseline level of physical and virtual security. This area is more conceptual than the other domains and places less emphasis on actual scenarios. CompTIA requires candidates to “demonstrate a knowledge of key disaster recovery and high-availability concepts.”
Summarize data security concepts
Summarize security concepts.
Important concepts related to identity and access management in server administration.
Describe data security risks and mitigation strategies.
Apply server hardening methods to a given scenario.
Summarize proper server decommissioning concepts.
Explain the importance backups and restores.
Explain the importance and benefits of disaster recovery.

The troubleshooting domain is part of Server+