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How to prepare for the Microsoft Azure AZ-202 Exam

You’d already know what an Azure transition exam looks like if you’ve read our AZ102 preparation guide. The Azure-202 exam is also such an exam. AZ-102 is designed to transition from the 70-533 exam into new Azure role based exams. AZ-202 is intended for the transition of 70-532. This is the fundamental concept that you should know before you begin AZ-202 exam prep. We’ll show you how to prepare for the Microsoft AZ-202 developer certification transition exam using the most reliable AZ-202 exam study guide.
The Azure 70-532 exam has been a key exam for proving one’s ability to develop Azure solutions. This exam was considered an important step towards becoming a qualified Azure developer. You could earn a number certifications such as MCP, MCSA and MCSE after passing this exam.
Microsoft has completely restructured the Azure exams curriculum with the introduction performance-based (role-based) exams. You are not eligible for any certifications if you pass the 70-532 exam. Microsoft introduced the AZ-202 transition exam to help candidates who have already passed 70-532. These candidates are able to skip the need to take the AZ-200 and AZ-201 exams to become Microsoft Certified Azure Developers. Henceforth, AZ-202 Exam Preparation is the right goal for 70-532 candidates.
Microsoft has created a new certification pathway for Azure Certifications. Check out the new Role-based Microsoft Azure certifications.
You need to focus on the AZ-202 Exam Study Modules
AZ202 Exam Preparation requires that you focus on topics from both the AZ200 and AZ201 exams. Below are the modules and weights associated with each module.
1. Developing Azure Cognitive Services, Bot and IoT Solutions (20-25%): This section contains subsections such as integrating Azure Cognitive Services into an application, creating & integrating bots, and creating and implementing IoT solution.
2. Developing for the Azure cloud model (20-25%) – This module covers developing for asynchronous processing and implementing distributed transactions. It also discusses how to develop for auto-scaling.
3. This module contains 4 subsections. This module includes sections on creating an app service logic app, scheduling bulk operation, designing and developing apps that run in containers, and creating an app/service that runs in service fabric.

4. Developing for cloud storage (10-15%): Its subsections include developing solutions using file storage and developing solutions that use relational databases.
5. Implementing cloud integration solutions (10-15%) – This module covers the development of an application message model as well as configuring a message-based integration architecture.
6. Securing cloud solutions (5-10%) – Implementing access control is the most important activity in this section.
How to Choose the Right Materials for Your AZ-202 Exam Preparation
You shouldn’t only be focusing on one destination when you prepare for the Microsoft AZ-202 Developer Certification Transfer exam. For your AZ-202 Exam Preparation, you will need to search for reliable exam materials. Below are some examples of such materials.
Microsoft Learning Portal
This page contains all information about Microsoft exams. You can browse each exam and find the relevant details. This portal has a page dedicated to the AZ-202 exam. It contains information about exam pricing, exam schedule options, exam prerequisites and study groups. There are also links to training options and practice tests. This page is essential if you’re serious about taking the Azure certification exam.
Books & Reference Guides to AZ-202 Exam Preparation
AZ-202 is still in beta so there are less chances of finding a reliable AZ-202 study guide or books that will help you prepare. If you don’t find the book/guide you are looking for, it’s a good idea to just stop searching. This is because the exam is a transition to exam 70-532 and can be retired in a matter of months. It’s best to search for other preparation options in such situations.

Forums & Study Groups
This may be the best way to resolve a candidate’s questions regarding the exam. There are high chances of getting a positive response from other members in this group if you ask a question. You can find an official study group on the AZ-202 page of Microsoft Learning portal. You can also join other forums like Azure community or MSDN forums, which can also be very helpful in your AZ-202 exam preparation.
Instructor-led Training