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How to prepare for the Microsoft Azure AI-900 Certification Exam

Microsoft Azure continues to be a dominant player in the cloud computing market. Certifications like the Azure AI-900 exam (Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals), are becoming more valuable. It is important to prepare for the exam and pass the exam to stay ahead of the curve in the industry.
Basic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) concepts is required for the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Foundations exam. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself not only with the exam structure but also with the Microsoft Azure portal.
The Azure AI Fundamentals AI900 certification exam demonstrates that you are proficient in building and deploying AI solutions. This blog post will explain how to prepare, what you can expect, and how you can pass the exam.

About Microsoft Azure AI-900 Certification
This certification is part of a series of programs that includes the Azure AI certification. Microsoft’s official website has a comprehensive list of Azure certifications.
You must score at most 700 points out of 1000 to pass the test. This could indicate a 70% passing score. Microsoft uses a standard scoring system to achieve 700 points.

It is open to both technical and non-technical individuals. Anyone can prepare for the exam and take it even if they don’t have any prior knowledge in AI. You can get up to speed by studying for the exam.
Preparation Method for AzureAI Fundamentals Exam
There are many ways to prepare for the Microsoft Certified Azure AI-900 exam. These are:
Use the right resources
You can find many online resources to help you prepare for this certification. Microsoft offers study guides and other resources that will help you understand what to expect. Whizlabs offers practice tests and Azure AI900 exam questions to help prepare for the exam.
Learn the Exam Structure
It is important to understand the format of the questions, passing scores, exam time, recommended experience, overall exam structure, and the passing marks.
Follow Public Forums
Quora, Reddit and Stackoverflow are all great places to connect with Microsoft professionals. Forums can help to understand how to prepare on an easier level.
Understanding Major Concepts
Azure AI 900 certification shows that you have a solid foundation of AI concepts. What exactly are we talking here?
Before you can take the test, the following information is required:
Implementing Computer Vision (CV) workloads using Azure
Implementing conversational AI workloads using Azure
Implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads using Azure
Identifying and implementing security requirements for an AI solution using Azure
Video Course
The video courses offered by Whizlab are a great way for you to get familiar with the concepts required for any exam. The courses are great for those with no technical background. They provide a thorough breakdown of the concepts you need to know.
The video course features mock exams, custom reports that highlight your strengths and weaknesses, and objective-based practice tests.
The video course has only positive reviews from those who have taken it.
Microsoft Documentation
To help you prepare for this certification, official Microsoft resources can be found on their website. You can find study guides, sample questions, as well as a exam sandbox on the Microsoft certifications site. These resources will help you prepare for the exam.
Here’s a list of all official information Microsoft has on the Azure AI certification exam.
Microsoft’s AI-900 Study Guide
Asking Questions
Microsoft Azure AI-900 Exam Sandbox (A demo that allows you to experience the exam environment)
Practical Exposure
You’ve read every study guide and theory resource you could find. It all comes down to how you actually take the exam. We recommend Hands-On Labs for practical exposure.
The Azure AI platform can be used on another cloud console through the Hands-On Labs platform. Guided Labs allows you to practice in a real-time environment.
In this case, the Microsoft Certified Azure AI Fundamentals certification exam was passed using the Hands-On Labs platform. You can go to the Whizlabs Hands-on Labs Page and filter for the Guided Labs that you are looking for.
Whizlabs Practice Exams
Whizlabs practice exams allow you to evaluate your current level before you take the exam. You should aim to score at least 90% before you take the exam.
If you scored less than 60% on the Whizlabs practice test, you can watch the video courses, Hands-On Labs and then try the AI-900 sandbox.
Revision of the Concepts
Revision is practice, practice and more practice. Revisite