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How to prepare for the Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816] Exam

We have previously covered the comprehensive guide to 1Z0-815 exam preparation, for those who want to obtain the Java SE 11 Developer certification. It’s now time to prepare for 1Z0-816 if you have passed the 1Z0-815 exam. This comprehensive 1Z0-816 exam preparation guide will help you get started.
The Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 developer certification is widely regarded in the technology industry as the best evidence of a candidate’s skills. OCP: Java Developer certification is a result of the rigorous testing environment that candidates must pass.
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1Z0-815 and the Java SE 11 Programmer II To help you prepare for the Java SE 11 Developer certification, we will cover the details of the 1Z0-816 exam and the preparation guide you need to pass it.
Basics of Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816]
Two certification exams are required to be certified as Java SE 11 Developer. The first is Java SE 11 Developer I 1Z0-815 exam and the second is Java SE 11 Developer II 2Z0-816 exam. The Java SE 11 Developer II exam is the second to earn the OCP certification. It is associated with the number 1Z0-816. We’ll now have the basics of the exam, such as exam objectives and exam information. Then we will move on to the 1Z0-816 exam preparation book.
Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816] Exam Info
The exam follows a multiple-choice question structure and contains 80 MCQs. This exam takes 3 hours to complete. The exam takes 180 minutes to complete with a passing score of 63%.
This basically means that candidates must answer at least 52 questions correctly to pass the exam. The Java SE 11 Programmer II has been validated using the Java 11 SE build of Java programming language.
Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816] Exam Info
Exam Title Java SE 11 Programmer IIExam Number1Z0-816Associated CertificationOracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 DeveloperValidated AgainstJava 11Exam FormatMultiple ChoiceNumber of Questions80Exam Duration180 MinutesPassing Score63%Exam FeeUS$ 245
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Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816] Exam Obligations
It is important to plan your time around the objectives provided by Oracle in order to prepare for the exam. Here are the main objectives you should be focusing on in order to pass the exam.
Java basics
Final classes: creating and using them
Use of anonymous, inner, and nested classes
Use and creation of enumerations
Interfaces for Java
Use the default methods to create and use interfaces
Interfaces created and used with private methods
Functional Interfaces and Lambda Expressions
Writing functional interfaces
Create and use lambda expressions using statement lambdas and lambda parameters
Functional Interfaces with Built-In Functions
Interfaces from the Java.util.function package
Use the core functional interfaces, including Supplier, Consumer, Predicate and Supplier, to create your own functions
Use binary and primitive versions of the base interfaces in the java.util.function Package
Migration to Modular Applications
Modular applications can be run on the modulepath or classpath
Use jdeps to identify ways to address cyclic dependencies, and for determining dependencies
Migration of a Java-developed Java application using a bottom-up and top down migration approach
Writing thread-safe code
Identifying threading-related issues such as deadlocks or livelocks.
I/O (NIO2 & Fundamentals)
Write the console and save data using the I/O streams
Use the I/O streams for writing and reading files
Use the path interface to operate on directory and file paths
Stream APIs and files
Use the Files class to copy, check, and delete a directory or file
Serialization is a method of writing and reading objects.
Database Applications with JDBC
Connecting to the databases via the DriverManager URLs and JDBC URLs
PreparedStatement is used to perform CRUD operations
CallableStatement or PreparedStatement APIs are used to perform database operations.
Describe the purpose of annotations and usage patterns
Annotations to methods and classes
Annotations custom made
Exception Handling and Assertions
Use the “try-with-resources” construct
Use and creation of custom exception classes
Test invariants using assertions
The ab