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Fauna’s “First Serverless Database” Works with AWS Lambda San Francisco startup Fauna Inc. launched FaunaDB ServerlessCloud, which is described as the “first database that’s completely serverless.” It supports major public cloud platforms. The company’s new offering is part of the “serverless revolution”, which is an adaptive operational database that provides real-time data and leverages cloud capabilities like elastic scaling, lower operational overheads, pay-as you-go pricing, and improved time-to-market for developers. FaunaDB Serverless Cloud was also the first cloud database that seamlessly spans both Amazon Web Services as well as Google Cloud Platform, replicating data instantly for multi-cloud availability. The support for Microsoft Azure cloud will be available later in the year. Developers can use FaunaDB to hook into function-as-a-service systems such as AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions. FaunaDB On Premises can be used to port applications to FaunaDB (with full availability) in enterprise datacenters and private clouds. Fauna’s Chris Anderson wrote a blog last month explaining how to connect AWS Lambda applications with the serverless cloud. Evan Weaver, the CEO of the company, wrote a blog post about the product’s debut yesterday in which he highlighted the following industry milestones.

  • The first database designed for serverless applications.
  • The first global replicated database as an online service.
  • The public’s first transactional, highly consistent, multi-region database.

Ex-Twitter engineers founded the company. FaunaDB has been in development for four years and has been used in large enterprises such as ThinAir, Medium, and NVIDIA. In its efforts to encourage developers to adopt serverless architecture, the company has partnered with Serverless Inc. Amazon explains that serverless computing allows you to run your application on servers but all server management is handled by AWS. AWS Lambda is the heart of serverless computing. It allows you to run your code without having to provision or manage servers. Lambda allows you to run code for any type of backend service or application. It also takes care of all the necessary infrastructure to scale and run your code with high availability. Fauna also offers a beta edition for enterprise deployments on private clouds and on-premises. You can get a free trial of the serverless cloud, and pricing information is available here.