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Facebook: Another case study in data privacy

Facebook Data Breach is one of the most talked about news stories. It involves large customer databases and is a reminder to all users and organizations to protect their data.

Users should immediately leave sites that are connected to security breaches or any gaming or quiz sites that could access your information from other websites. You can also keep two accounts: one professional, one for social media. This will ensure that your privacy and dignity are protected.

It is more complicated for entrepreneurs and business houses. Although they have a lot of security measures in place, they are not sufficient. It is possible for things to go south quickly when IT companies provide outsourcing services for various purposes that allows them to easily access and misuse company information.
To prevent such distress from occurring, we can take some tedious but effective measures in the event of a breach.

* Identifying devices and app passwords that are connected and have access company data. Every now and again, changing username, password, and API key to avoid hacker attacks.

* Separate Credentials should not be used in addition to the source credentials when dealing with outsourced IT companies. Even those should be updated every now and again.

* Database auditing systems can detect a breach, but internal auditing shouldn’t be relied on as there are very few faults in such situations. This can be outsourced or managed using change management software.