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Exam 70-583: Designing, Developing Windows Azure Applications – Sample Questions

This blog is a continuation of my previous blog, where I shared my experiences with Microsoft’s Designing and Developing Windows Azure Applications Exam. These are sample questions* that will give you an idea of the exam. The bottom of the page has explanations and answers.
1. Windows Azure Queue sends a “Bad request (400)” message during application initialization. What could be the reason?A – Queue does NOT have messagesB – Queue is fullC. – Queue name might contain illegal charactersD. – Multiple processes are talking directly to the same queue
2. You will need to create a Windows Azure app that will accept images from end-users and store them on Windows Azure Blob. The application will use services such as web and worker role, and will be interdependent. Optimized performance will be achieved by creating an affinity group that associates only compute resources.
3. You are migrating an app to Windows Azure. It requires 100GB of hard disk space. How big should you choose for your compute?A – ExtraSmallB- SmallC – MediumD – Large
4. You have created an application that uses Active Directory Domain Services for authentication. What is the best way to generate claims?A – Use forms authentication to generate claimsB– Use AD Federation Services for claimsC – Use Windows Azure Access Control ServiceD– Use Security Token Service
5. You are developing an application that requires secure, IP-level connectivity to an on-premise resource. What Windows Azure feature can you leverage?A – Windows Azure ConnectB – Windows Azure AppFabric Access ControlC – Windows Azure AppFabric Service BusD – Windows Azure Content Delivery Network
6. You have created a Windows Azure.NET MVC 4 application and it is experiencing issues. You need a way to monitor the application as well as the framework components like ASP.NET. What should you do?A- Use remote debuggerB- Use IntelliTraceC- Analyze logs from Windows Azure Diagnostic tablesD- Use Event Viewer to view the role
7. You have successfully migrated to SQL Azure from SQL Server 2008 on premise. You have migrated to SQL Azure from SQL Server 2008 on premise. Choose two of the best answers.A – Add memoryB – Select a data centre closest to usersC. – Collect data to minimize round tripsD. – Increase bandwidth
8. You are migrating a part of a multi-tiered app to a worker role on Windows Azure cloud. It requires a minimum of 2GB memory in order to function. Choose the smallest possible compute size to meet your requirements.
9. You have created an app that uses Windows Azure Table storage. This is what you chose to achieve load balancing and scalability. Which part of the following helps you achieve this?A- – PartitionKeysB- – RowKeysC- Considering how data is queriedD- Physical partitioning of tables
10. Choose an automated deployment process to deploy applications to Windows Azure.A – Service Management APIB.C – Upload application package to Windows AzureC. – Use Windows Azure Developer PortalD. – Use Cspack and Csrun CLI

1. CExplanation: URI to reference a container or a blob must be unique. Two accounts can have the same container name because each account name is unique. Each container within a storage account must have a unique name. Every blob in a container must have a unique name.