Backyard Garden Decor – Lawn Statues, Figurines & Outdoor Fountains

Create an imaginative backyard garden with unique decorations from BackyardGardenershop. Find statues, figurines, fountains & water gardens and more.

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8 Things You Need to Know About Tableau vs. BI

Only businesses that have the ability to make decisions in today’s rapidly changing world of opportunities can be considered leaders. This ability can be achieved by utilizing the most accurate and effective data analytics to help businesses plan their strategies intelligently. Tableau and Power BI are distinguished by their data analytics and visualization capabilities. They […]

Switch to a Modern Desktop using M365 and the Right Training Partner

What is Microsoft Modern Desktop? Let us explain what M365 is if you don’t understand it. Microsoft 365 (M365), a bundle of Microsoft Cloud services, includes Office 365 ProPlus and Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise Mobility, Security, and Security. The next question you might ask is “Why should I purchase a bundled license?” This is where […]

Understanding Blockchain and the Internet of Things: Stringed and decentralized

Modern technology allows us to communicate directly with each other. All communications, whether they are telephone calls, emailing or instant messaging, travel directly from the sender to receiver in a matter of seconds. Not all communications are this direct. We need to trust a third party when sending or receiving money. We are often met […]

Suggestions to Attain a Flying Score on the MB-260 Certification Exam

Imagine your profession is able to provide insight into customer profiles and track engagement activities in order to improve client experience and increase client retention. Microsoft Certified – Customer Data Platform Specialty certification may be a great way to confirm your skills and open doors to amazing career opportunities. To receive this certification, you must […]

Study Guide for Crushing the ISACA CDPSE Examination

What is the CDPSE certification? The Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE), certification focuses on implementing privacy solutions from both a technical and governance perspective. ISACA offers it. It is a non-profit professional association that focuses on IT governance and has many certifications in its province. CDPSE is the first technical and experience-based certification of […]

Student Spotlight: Evan Rice, GI Bill(r), Recipient at Coding Dojo

Today’s Student Spotlight was hosted by Evan Rice, a Coding Dojo student and a veteran. We discuss everything, including how he got into coding and why Coding Dojo was the right choice. We also discuss the process of applying the GI Bill(r), towards bootcamp. Read the whole story below! Which branch of the military did […]

Shirley Li’s Symptom App to Make Healthcare More Accessible to All

Name of the Project: Symptom Checker Cohort Start Date: 12/13/21 Program: Full-Time Online Solo or Group Project: Solo MERN Built the Stack Project: Pre-Dojo: Before and during the pandemic, bedside nurse She realized that nursing was not a viable career path for her mental or physical well-being. Zero tech background and looking for an immersive […]

Kevni Woodside’s Expense Tracker Inspired by His Late Father

Name of the Project: Paupa Cohort Start Date: 11/8/21 Program: Full-Time Online Solo or Group Project: Solo MERN Built the Stack Project: Pre-Dojo: Broadcast video editor for 10 Years He was exhausted by making other people’s ideas come alive and lacked the energy to do his own thing. A desire to learn and a hunger […]

What Taking a Math class taught me about going online: An educator’s perspective

Author: Emily Farris (Texas Christian University). To improve my quantitative foundations, I have been taking an online Math class in the summer. Each week I will complete a lecture, which will include a chapter reading, small module videos, and some practice problems. Online classes have taught me more than Math. It has also taught me […]

What are the steps to take to get hired?

What are the steps to take to get hired? Students and individuals from all walks of life learn professional education to reach the top and help them develop their skills and knowledge. There are many candidates who are eager to be hired at the job of their choice. However, not all are able or willing […]