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AWS Technologies Tapped into by Security Startup Axonius

Axonius announced this Week that it was strengthening its integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Axonius, a New York-based security asset management platform, is the flagship offering. It allows organizations to easily manage their cloud resources, assess security, and take mitigation steps if a threat is detected.
According to the Axonius site, the AWS adapter solution allows organizations to “track and manage AWS assets including EC2, ECS and EKS, IAM ELB, ELB, ELB, RDS and S3, VPC and Workspaces. Lambda is also included.”

Customers can connect the AWS adapter to correlate AWS services with IT and Solutions, understand security coverage across AWS assets, and determine if AWS assets comply with company policies.

The company announced Thursday that it would be adding support for AWS. It will now support three additional AWS products: Amazon Macie, which detects wide-open S3 containers; Amazon GuardDuty (a threat scanning tool that uses machine-learning); and AWS SecurityHub (a one-and done tool for managing security alerts). Axonius is updating its capabilities regarding Amazon Inspector, an automated security assessment service.
These integrations are in addition Axonius’ support of third-party security solutions by AWS partners. According to the company, all of them make Axonius a more comprehensive security management platform than ever before.
“Companies continue to shift workloads towards the cloud, and they’re also leveraging cloud provider–native security service offerings,” stated Mark Daggett (Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Alliances at Axonius), in a prepared statement. Customers are still tired of the manual, slow, and error-prone processes that adversely impact their risk mitigation, threat management and compliance. Customers can finally see all of their assets with Axonius and AWS. This will dramatically improve their security posture.