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AWS Cloud IoT Devices Now Have Security Tools

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), announced the availability of AWS IoT Device Defender. This will help organizations to follow best practices in securing Internet of Things devices.
AWS IoT Device Defender is a fully managed service that continuously audits IoT configurations, which are organization-specified technical controls to help keep information secure when devices are communicating among one another and the cloud.
This tool will make it easier for organizations manage these configurations to verify device identity, authenticate and authorise devices, and encrypt data.
AWS IoT Device Defender is capable of monitoring devices to detect unusual behavior and anomalies that could indicate compromised devices and sends out an alert to organizations so they can fix them. The company posted this information last week.
Spokesperson Jeff Barr explained how the new service works in a post of his own, where he discussed audits — scanning for imperfections and AWS issues like overly permissive IoT policy — and detection functionality.
Barr stated that Device Defender is able to detect network connections, outbound packet counts, byte counts, destination IP addresses and inbound and outbound messages rates. It also looks at authentication failures. You can create security profiles, define acceptable behaviour, and configure whitelists or blacklists of IP addresses. Device Defender is responsible for collecting metrics from each device and sending them to an agent. Devices can send metrics at intervals of 5 minutes to 48 hours.”
The following AWS regions are available: Northern Virginia, Ohio and Oregon.
The Device Defender developer guide contains more information about the service.