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Arts & Crafts Square Cups-Large Rain Chain

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Arts & Crafts Square Cups-Large Rain Chain
$129.95Quantity:Add to CartSKU:CORCACCUPLGThis Square Cups Rain Chain is made of thick, pure copper. It comes with a gutter attachment piece that makes it easy to install. The rain chain square cups allows for greater water quantity which provides for less splash away from the chain. Rust proof Rain chains made of copper age over time to a texture of gentle patina. Enjoy your rain chain throughout all seasons. The ice look from freezing temperatures is just as beautiful as during a spring rain! For optimum functionality keep the rain chain at a verticle angle by anchoring it at the bottom.  This will keep it from swaying in the wind, although most slight winds will not impede its classic use. (Rain dishes and additional installation kits sold separately.)
cup width: 3 1/2″
cup length: 4 1/8″
width opening at bottom: 1.5″
standard length: 8 1/2 ft.
cups per rain chain: 17
rust proof
ages to a patina color
weight: 8 lbs.

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