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Artificial Intelligence: How it Will Impact Project Managers

Artificial Intelligence: How it Will Impact Project Managers

Artificial Intelligence (aka AI), is becoming smarter and more intelligent every day. Machines are capable of analyzing larger data sets and adapting faster than humans could ever dream.

You may be wondering why AI is so important and how it will affect project management. Here are some key takeaways.
1. Why is AI Important?
AI is a tool that will help you do your job more effectively

AI can validate and curate large amounts of data

AI helps reduce blind spots

2. What is the Impact of AI on Project Management?
Project managers will spend more time with intelligent machines

Project managers who can complement AI will have the greatest demand

Project managers must offer more than just managing projects.

Re-invent yourself every 2-3 years.

3. How can project managers leverage AI?
Think entrepreneurially

Anticipate change

Be human

4. Is there a virtual Scrum Master example?
Accenture believes that 30-40% can be automated in Agile ceremonies

Accenture created myWizard(r), which allows you to schedule meetings and estimate top priority user stories.

5. What are some key takeaways?
AI can produce predictable, scalable results

Learn how to communicate effectively with intelligent machines

Be open to constantly reinventing yourself