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Month: March 2023

CI Automation on Terraform – Whizlabs Webinar

Whizlabs hosted a webinar on “CI Automation on Terraform” on 22 January 2022 with Mehul Sharma (Senior DevOps consultant) and Aastharai (Senior DevOps consultant). About the Speakers Mehul Sharma, a Senior DevOps consultant at OpsTree Solutions. He is a tech enthusiast and has a keen interest the latest DevOps practices. He is passionate about training, […]

Chef DevOps – Automate Infrastructure – A Comprehensive Guide

The popularity of infrastructure management has increased over the past few years. There is no need to manually configure or deploy servers anymore. For server changes, it is perfectly acceptable to use SSH in a specific ‘for’ loop. Automation is the new era. Chef DevOps is a configuration management tool currently used by many companies. […]

Chaos Engineering and AWS Fault Injection Simulator Supratip Banerjee

British Airways grounded all its flights in May 2017 at London’s busiest airports. An IT failure caused 75,000 passengers to be stranded on British airlines that day. According to airline investigations, the failure was due to poor resilience and inadequate disaster recovery following a power surge at a UK data center. British Airways CEO recently […]

Change is often met with resistance. What are the reasons and how can you manage them?

Most people believe that resisting change is good. They also believe it’s right. It is usually due to poor design, inappropriate change, and ineffective communication about the need for the change. People want to stay in their comfort zone, so any change that disturbs this comfort zone will cause unrest. People resist change because they […]