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Month: August 2022

The Good News is that you have BAD news

It will happen. It is possible to deliver some bad news. You may not be able to complete all your projects. You want to be able to deliver bad news when they don’t. The way you deliver the news can have a huge impact on how the world perceives you as a leader, what happens […]

The First 2 Companies to Adopt Six Sigma Method

Six Sigma is a well-known method for problem-solving. Online and classroom training in Lean Six Sigma is available. Online six sigma courses that are free are rapidly increasing in popularity as people realize the benefits of online learning and want to learn more about Six Sigma. Once you understand the Six Sigma principles, they are […]

The Evolution of Business Requirements to Service Level Agreement

The evolution of IT services within an organization is influenced by business requirements. It is important to understand how business needs are translated into service level agreements. Online ITIL training explains that business requirements are generated based upon the organization’s vision and objectives. These business requirements are the foundation of the IT strategy for the […]

The Do’s and Don’ts for Working Remotely

Welcome to the remote workforce. This is the new way of working, with more than half of the workforce likely to work remotely in the future. These are the essential do’s and don’ts for the modern telecommuting landscape. Do: Get SaaS-y A little SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) goes a long way. We examined how virtual collaboration technologies […]

Six steps to an effective workflow Sara Sparrow gives us helpful tips on how to create a project workflow in this follow-up.

Start at the End You must start at the end when creating a project workflow. This is why: Your team and you will both know the end goal. Your team and you will know the deadline in advance. AND, Your team and you will know what to expect during the project. Once you have your […]

Silence is not always golden

“Silent gratitude doesn’t make any difference to anyone.” – G.B. Stern This is a quote from a leader. “If I don’t yell at me, it means that you are doing a great job.” You can go about your business and be content that I’m not yelling at them. OR “You get paid to be here; […]

Do You Need to Only Hire PMPs

I received an email form the studio audience, which sparked one my rare but entertaining rants. “…companies need to use PMPs, not untrained but experienced project leaders. If you have any resources I could use, please email them to !!”” Deep breaths Josh deep breaths That’s lazy! If you make screening for PMP certification a […]

Project Management Shifts Post COVID-19 by Luke Smith Is there a part of work that has not changed since COVID-19? Project managers are unlikely to be affected by COVID-19. The modern workplace will be defined by new processes for remote work, changes to company structure and composition, as well as trends in management strategies. Project managers can navigate these changes with ease. You can use the strategies and tools you have to plan ahead to address policy changes head-on. This will help you achieve greater results. Understanding the implications of remote work and project management during change can help project managers guide teams through post-COVID changes. Remote work is now a common practice. Remote work is now an option for nearly all companies. Remote work can be a way to continue functionality, even during health shutdowns or social distancing mandates. Remote management of teams is becoming more important than ever with as many as 4.3 millions Americans working remotely at least half of the time. This is a common situation for project managers at some point in their career. When managing a remote team, project managers should have a list of expectations. This checklist includes:

Establishing and maintaining clear communication standards Continuous communication via established media Flexibility in scheduling Focused approaches that are outcome-oriented Working remotely can be easier if you offer your team flexibility and open communication. This allows you to spot problems quickly and keeps your team focused. The best tip for remote management is to remain patient […]